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"Working with recruitment where you have to manage a large number of data and also have to be prompt with it can be a tricky job. But my burdern was lessend all thanks to this amazing software Powerhunt."

- Harshit Bhavsar
Unihunt Consulting Private Limited

"I always believe that a software should be such that it identifies your probelms right and gives a proper solution to it. Powerhunt being one such software has not only solved all my problems but also has made my work so easy and fast."

- Deepali Uttekar
ACH Consultants

"Powerhunt - As the name suggests it surely gives power to your recruitment process. After installing it i felt such a relief by saying bye to all the hefty work and clumpsy processes i had to do before powerhunt came into picture."

- Manish Goel
Proemm Consult

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Applicant Tracking Applicant Tracking

Setup candidate interviews using interview calendar. PowerHunt will notify candidates and recruiters for the interview reminders.

Sourcing Candidates Sourcing Candidates

Source candidate from the various job portals and the internal database. Publish your jobs to the ready integrated job board.

Resume Management Resume Management

PowerHunt lets you parse multiple resumes, transfer candidate information directly into the candidate database.

Bulk Resume Import Bulk Resume Import

With Powerhunt, you can upload all resumes from your computer to the recruiting software in just a single click.

Sales & Marketing Sales and Marketing

Our extensive sales and marketing program draws top talents from everywhere. This is the right platform for you.

Dashboard & Analytics Dashboard and Analytics

Dashboards have become the best way to gain insight into an organization's operations and performance.

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24x7 Support
24x7 Support
Fully Customisable
Fully Customisable
Transparent Pricing
Transparent Pricing