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Want to make your recruitment process more productive!!

Acquiring the right talent is not just about the bulk of applicant resumes. It's much more than that. Hiring is one of the most critical and demanding processes in any organization. PowerHunt gives you insight into various aspects of hiring process.

Candidate Profile Search

As your candidate database grows, you need to be able to search for precise information about a candidate quickly and efficiently. Our recruiting software's digital search tools and allows you to quickly get the job skills and other information that's relevant to your hiring process.

Track Applicant Status

When you have a long list of candidates, it's nearly impossible to remember how each and every applicant is moving through the hiring process. With PowerHunt Applicant Tracking System it's easy to know what stage of the hiring process each of your candidates is in. By identifying the stage in which the candidate is, you can accordingly move ahead with the hiring process in a better way.

Centralized Communication

Centralized communication means all the communication between users is stored in one place so that everyone can see it. It ensures transparency and makes sure that everyone is on the same page. All members can access any candidate's information or application status updates without contacting fellow members for the details. It's one of the greatest features of our recruiting software.