Resume Management

Manage your candidates and their resumes efficiently!!

Even if you know what you're looking for in a candidate, sometimes that it's hard to find–even when it's right within a resume. Especially when your talent management database is growing and you're hiring for multiple positions, sorting through data can be time-consuming. PowerHunt's resume parsing search tool allows you to quickly access the information you need.

Resume Search

Our recruitment software search option allows you to search within a candidate's profile for any word or phrase. Use keywords like skills, designation and qualification to search candidates and exact candidate details. The system will fetch resumes to take further action as adding to a particular job or sending an email.

Resume Parsing

Manually extracting resume from resumes is time-consuming. The job board parsing feature of our ATS software helps you avoid any errors that are associated with manual data entry, and automation saves field to field information. Plus all the information you need is immediately visible within the candidate profile, so you'll never have to search for information again. The resume parsing of our applicant tracking system automatically extracts the candidate information from documents and creates candidate profiles.

Accept Resumes in different Formats

Candidates can send resumes file of following formats - doc ,docx, pdf, rtf to our recruiting software. Each resume will then be converted in to a candidate profile, where the candidate's resume will be parsed in a searchable text format. Uploading multiple resumes to our recruiting software will save you a ton of time, and make sure that no resume get mistakenly overlooked.

Duplicate Detection

In case there are two applicants with the same name or the same applicant has applied twice, the software will detect the duplication.