Use our reports to excel your hiring process!!

Our software shows reports containing detailed data of your activities and uses visualizations to highlight the key data. It uses hiring reports and analytics to refine your hiring process. Track the source of your most qualified candidates to improve job board ROI and see the progress of your open jobs.

Candidate source report

Our software shows how your candidate has applied for a job. Thus you know the source of your candidates Also you can drill down by stages to determine how many candidates from each source have been screened, done interviews, received offers, etc. This allows you to see how effective each candidate source is at yielding not just applicants but employees. Find the average time it takes to move a candidate from sourced/applied to any stage in the candidate pipeline. Spot the inefficiencies and use these reports to track improvements over time.

The productivity and activity report

An activity dashboard for your recruiting teams. Get an overview of all team activity and find out where the majority of recruiting effort is spent, from emails to interviews. A complete audit trail of your hiring team’s activity. Export the data to focus on an individual team member or candidate. How many people does it take to make a new hire?

The old and current pipeline report

Track the number of candidates who have moved through the pipeline over a given time period. Spot the problem areas; eg, such as too many candidates for an interview could indicate the need for a more effective phone screen. See the status of every job on your current workable dashboard. Get a quick view of the positions you’re hiring for and the number of candidates at every stage in the hiring pipeline.

Our software makes hiring process very systematic and productive giving us insight into all major and minor details for better results!