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Get to know your overall performance through a well defined dashboard!!

Dashboards have become the best way to gain insight into an organization's operations and performance. Our dashboard shows the challenges and overall goals set by us.

By looking at dashboard we can identify how we are performing, define metrics and set goals so that we can meet and exceed performance expectations and identify issues proactively.

Recruiters have to organize their days based on the status of their job openings, so the first thing we look at every morning is the status of our job openings pipeline. Prioritize the job openings that haven’t seen activity for a while, and keep stay on the ones that are at risk of stalling.

To maintain a steady performance, it’s also important to go a step further and look at your job openings more comprehensively. Our Software keeps an eye on the number of job openings you have in each stage of our recruiting process and balances your time between filling the front end as job openings get filled or get closed out and closing job openings further down the funnel.

Since job openings are only one-half of the recruiting funnel, you also have to prioritize the time you spend sourcing and preparing candidates. Hence we maintain a daily view of the status of your candidate pipeline. This way, you keep a close eye on how well individual candidates progress with your clients and be proactive about finding and qualifying new ones when needed.

Our active dashboard helps you get rich insights for improved operational efficiencies throughout the complete recruitment lifecycle. It helps you take pre-emptive action faster to gain competitive advantage. By integrating with our ATS, you gain insight into the best sources for attracting quality candidates from initial view to hire. With the visually appealing analytics dashboards, we provide real-time analytics into the performance of your recruiting strategy allowing you to improve your overall hiring process.